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Eastfield Academy

Eastfield Academy is part of the David Ross Education Trust and is a good and rapidly improving school where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Remote Learning - Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a broad concept and includes both our physical and mental health. Looking after our own wellbeing must come first and at Eastfield we aim to give all our pupils the tools to be able to do this. We help our pupils recognise that we all respond to experiences with our emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours. 

The current situation may have a negative impact on children's wellbeing and this is only natural. We will always take the time to listen and encourage you to do the same at home. The more children are able to talk about their feelings and emotions the more they understand and can start to work through any difficulties. 

Parenting and caring for children is not always easy! It is especially hard at the moment with so many things to juggle. Please take the time to look after your own well-being as well. 

At Eastfield we regularly use and discuss the NHS Five Ways to Wellbeing. These are simple themes that ensure we are looking after ourselves and also considering others. Can you tick off all five at least once every week?

Please do contact us at school if you would like to share your ways of looking after your wellbeing or if we can support with any worries or concerns. 


NHS Northamptonshire

NHS Northamptonshire have a range of resources to support families with the current situation. 

There are useful children's wellbeing videos here.

If you need urgent help in a crisis, there is support available through the NHS. Please see here for further information. 


The following documents and resources are useful to support wellbeing and promote discussion. Keeping a routine whilst learning at home is so important and will be worth the effort in the long run!


 Children of all ages (and adults!) can benefit from mindfulness. It helps us to notice and appreciate the present moment. Mindfulness promotes happiness and can help relieve stress. 

Books and Stories

Reading Well helps you to understand and manage your health and wellbeing using helpful reading.

The books are chosen by health experts and people living with the conditions covered. People can be recommended a title by a health professional, or they can visit their local library and take a book out for free.

Some titles are also available to borrow as e-books and audiobooks. Visit your local library website to find out how to join the library and access books electronically.


These stories have been especially written for children to help their understanding about the coronavirus and promote an open conversation with trusted adults. 



  • My Magic Breath: Finding Calm Through Mindful Breathing


  • The Invisible String - separation and anxiety


  • Crab and Whale: a new way to experience mindfulness for kids


Jigsaw and MindUp

We use the Jigsaw and MindUp programmes for our  Personal, Social and Health Education lessons. These will continue in our remote learning provision.

Our MindUP lessons are complemented by the ‘Brain Break’. This core mindful breathing exercise enables pupils and staff to calm their minds, focus and get ready to learn. Try it at home!



Children's Mental Health Week